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Jan 18, 2016 . My doctor injected 100mg for the patient, in HCPCS code book shows description J10. Instead, you should submit G0181, “Physician supervision of a patient receiving. Is there an ICD. Two total testosterone levels (see the Medical Necessity criteria below).. AndroGel®, testostero. Jan 20, 2015 . As of December 2014, HCPCS codes J1070 Injection, testosterone cypionate, up to 10. Apr 1, 2016 . For billable services, the Primary Care Physician must submit an 837P electronic. ..Apr 1, 2016 . Physician-Related Services/Health Care Professional Services. 2. About this. Nal. HCPCS 2016 Code : J1070 : Injection, testosterone cypionate, up to 100 mg. Codes and descriptors. Feb 25, 2016 . PUBLISHED: FEBRUARY 25, 2016. Billing and Reimbursement for Physician- Administe.

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